Stafford County Apartments And More About The Region

Are you looking to rent one of the many great Stafford County apartments? Well, first let’s learn a bit more about the location. Stafford County is located in the US State of Virginia. The population of the county was 128,961 at the time of the last census conducted in 2010. Estimates for the current population are said to be around 147,000. The county has a total landmass area of 697 square kilometers and a total water area of 28 square kilometers. Forbes magazine ranked the county as the 11th high-income region in the USA in 2006 and 2009.

The major bodies of water in Stafford County are Potomac River, Aquia Creek, and Rappahannock River. The total area covered by water in the county equates to just 3.9% of the total area. The three major newspapers in the county are The Washington Post, The Stafford County Sun and The Free Lance-Star. It would be useful to pick up one of those local newspapers if you are looking for apartments to rent in the region, as they often have real estate classified sections.

The county has lots of transport links including Stafford Regional Airport, which generally caters to national flights. Major highways running through the region include SR 218, SR 212, SR 3, US 17, US 1 and I-95. This means the county is well connected by road to the rest of the country.

There are four private schools in Stafford and they are Saint William of York Catholic School, Merit School, Holy Cross Academy, and Fredericksburg Christian School. There is also a wide selection of state-run elementary, middle and high schools in the region, as well as three colleges. The colleges are Germanna Community College, Strayer University and the University of Mary Washington.

There are many notable people from Stafford County including three Olympic gold medalists, Arlene Limas, Jeff Rouse, and Mark Lenzi. Those three aforementioned Olympic gold medalists won their medals for taekwondo, swimming, and diving respectively. The actress Erin Cahill is also from the area as was James Garrard, who was the governor of Kentucky during the time period 1796 to 1804.

You can learn much more about the county by visiting the Wikipedia page dedicated to the area. On the page, you can learn all about the local government and the demographics of the county, as well as its economic influences.

Now, if you are planning to move to Stafford Country from another part of the country, it’s vital that you take the time to research the region. Before you start looking for Stafford County apartments to rent, you need to know which are the best neighborhoods and suburbs to live in. Obviously, there are a lot of different factors governing which neighborhoods are the best. For instance, you need to decide whether you need to reside in a neighborhood in a catchment area for a good state school, or if close proximity to key amenities is more important to you. You also need to research the real estate market, so you don’t end up getting charged over the odds for your monthly rent.